Baby Bops

Baby Bops

Emjay Baby Bops, is a Parent and toddler dance group. This class is for any child that is walking to 3 years of age who loves to dance around to music. We have lots of fun, dancing to music they recognise from their favourite TV shows and use lots of equipment to encourage fine motor skills. In Baby Bops they will learn the very basics of dance and have fun with friends and parents. We incorperate musical instruments to learn rhythm and do little routines to encourage learning.

But our overall aim is to build little people,s confidence, give them the freedom to learn the joys of dance, do a litte bit of excercise and have lots and lots of FUN!!!


What parents have said:


  • "Sophia since starting baby bops has not stopped dancing she practices her moves at home and in front of family. She has so much more confidence now and enjoys every lesson and is always enthusiastic about going. Its a great class and Sam has a lot of patience with them which is excellent."
  • "Lissy loves to bop to any music she hears, and coming to Baby Bops gives her the opportunity to cultivate this and begin to get in touch with rhythm! Being taught simple but structured moves aids her in learning to coordinate her movements. And to top it all off she absolutely loves it!! Great beginning steps to dance :-)"
  • "Rufus has such a fantastic time at baby bops! I love to watch him getting involved in the dancing and interacting with children his own age. He has become more confident since joining the group and its so great to teach them the basics of dance and rhythm at such an early age."


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