At Emjay School of Dance we have many opportunities to practice Greek Dance based on the Ruby Ginner technique mixed in with natural movement and the ISTD Dance Syllabus. Dancers are able to perform their Greek dances at the many Festivals (see below) and school shows, as well as showcase their choreography talents at the various competitions put on by Emjay School of Dance and at festivals.

There are various styles of Greek Dance such as Lyrical and Athletic, all allowing the dancer to use their body to portray stories - Greek Mythology, Nature, Emotions and other stories that will move an audience.By doing Greek, a dancer will learn the importance of the line through the body, to be fluid in their movement and will complement other dance techniques such as Ballet and Contemporary.

EmJays has s trong tradition of doing well at competitions and can regularly be seen at All England festivals and the Classical Greek Festival regional heats and finals. below are a few images of our dancers in their costumes:



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